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Atomic Spectrometry in Analytics

Code: 152859
ECTS: 8.0
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Sanda Rončević - Lectures
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Lectures 20
Seminar 10
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Atomic spectrometry methods in analysis of elements, historical development, present state, application to individual elements. Preparation of samples: sampling, storage, mineralization, extraction and concentration of elements before analysis. Sources of contamination. Theory of atomic spectrometry: absorption, emission and fluorescence.
Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS): basic principle (instrumentation, techniques, automation, sources of energy), calibration, atomization in flame, electrothermal atomization, interference effects, background correction, special techniques (cold vapor, hydride generation).
Atomic emission spectrometry (AES): flame, plasma, glow discharge as excitation sources; spectrometer constructions; detection of emission signal. Advanced instrumental techniques based on hyphenated systems: gas and liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, glow discharges coupled with plasma and/or mass spectrometer. Comparison of methods: detection limits, concentration range, efficiency in analytical demands.
Environmental risk assessment (chemical species and adaptation, estimation of bioavailability, variations, representative species and deficiency, extrapolation laboratory-enviro152859nment); analytical monitoring of environmental impacts; modern instrumental methods in quality control; essential and toxic materials, additives; present scope and challenges in forming of new regulative procedures
description of instruction methods Lectures, seminars, laboratory demonstrations, consultations
description of course/module requirements Written and/or oral exam
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    Suvremeni opsežniji revijski članci i znanstvene monografije
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