Doctoral study programmes

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Doctoral study programmes

There are seven postgraduate doctoral study programmes within the Faculty of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Oceanology, and Physics. They operate in accordance with the Ordinance on Doctoral Studies at the University of Zagreb, and their activities are mutually coordinated with the Ordinance on Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Science.

The professors and mentors at the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science are active researchers with internationally relevant publications and competence in performing and heading scientific projects.

The core of the doctoral studies is the original scientific research of doctoral students, realized in PMF's laboratories or in the laboratories of partner institutions.

Teaching based on scientific projects, the possibility to acquire relevant methods which are available in specific areas of natural sciences and mathematics and the development of creativity in finding new approaches in laboratory, field or theoretical research result in dissertations which, along with fundamental scientific contribution, form the basis for practical application of results – from clinical practice to the economic sector.