Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

May 2018
Project activities: Presentation of current results at SETAC conference in Rome
The work performed during the visit of Sandra Hudina to University of St. Thomas was successfully presented at SETAC conference in Rome (https://rome.setac.org/). Project co-leader Dalma Martinović-Weigelt was the presenting author. St. Thomas student Lily Ward who was engaged in the project is also one of the co-authors.

Project activities: Experiments are under way
June 2018
We are currently conducting experiments which include exposure of invasive signal crayfish to selected chemicals in environmentally relevant concentrations, behavioral analyses and tissue sampling for future physiological parameters analyses. A number of students are involved in this research: Andrea Belamarić, Jelena Krsnik, Luka Miholić, Matea Razić, Marta Rogošić, Anita Tandarek and Martina Topić. Analysis of neurophysiological parameters will be conducted in collaboration with Sofia Ana Blažević from the Animal Physiology Division at the Faculty of Science, while professors Ivana Maguire and Jasna Lajtner assisted in the experimental procedure (hemolymph and brain tissue sampling).

Neobiota conference presentation

Project results were presented at NEOBIOTA conference by project leader Sandra Hudina. Conference was held from 4-7 th September, in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. During Aquainvad-ED session on 3rd September and conference Sandra met prominent invasion ecologists and presented the project.

Analyses of examined endpoints completed

From September to beginning of December we have completed analyses of selected endpoints: 2 behavioral and 3 (neuro)physiological. These analyses were performed in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Sandra Radić – Brkanac and Sofia Ana Blažević from our Department. We thank out 3 diploma students and 7 student volunteers for their engagement and participation in experiment execution and subsequent analyses. 


Student participation on invasive species symposium

Diploma students Jelena Krsnik and Matea Razić presented project results which will be a part of their diploma theses on 3rd Croatian Symposium on Invasive Species. The symposium was held in Zagreb from 26-27 November 2018 and had international scientific committee and participation. Jelena and Matea also participated in symposium organization and therefore had their registration fee waived. 

Expert paper published

In December 2018 project leader Sandra Hudina along with 2 student volunteers (Marta Rogošić and Luka Miholić) published an expert paper related to the project in national expert and scientific journal Hrvatske vode. The topic was related to the effects of psychoactive compounds on non-target freshwater organisms. Our project was also described within the manuscript. The manuscript can be downloaded at the following link: https://hrcak.srce.hr/214859

Workshop on AOP framework successfully completed

From 18-19 December the workshop entitled Adverse outcome pathways (AOP): The how and why of development & application was held at Department of Biology, University of Zagreb. Workshop was led by our US partners Dalma Martinović-Weigelt and Kurt Illig with assistance of US St. Thomas student Paige Westra in the practical hands-on exercises of the second day of the workshop. Workshop was attended by 30 experts from various sectors (universities, public institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agents) from Croatia and Slovenia. Workshop was sponsored by KEFO.

AOP Workshop Schedule.pdf