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Collaboration with schools


Biology, as a science based on experienced teaching, appeared even in the early development of human civilisation. It brings us pertinent information about ourselves and our environment. Today, it is an essential link in many contemporary scientific achievements. For this reason, it is imperative that we focus attention on shaping the biological literacy of children and youth, as the foundation for understanding processes in nature and in ourselves. The future of biological accomplishment rests on the development of our biological youth, and it is very important to deepen the awareness and love for research of life sciences among pupils displaying an exploratory nature and interest in biology. Awareness of the importance of life, and a desire for new knowledge and constant questioning of what we already know is what leads to discovery. And this will highly depend on the stimuli provided to children and youth by their biology teachers. This makes biology teachers the most important link in raising future biologists and in developing their love for life and its magnificent manifestations that we study in biology.

The Department of Biology works together with schools to organise a vast array of activities for teachers in primary and secondary schools and for pupils and other interested persons. These include workshops, seminars, lectures, field courses and summer school programmes.

The programme schedule is available under the link Activities. Join the community of biology teachers on the e-learning site Educatio Biologiae where you can find educational materials from the activities held. The Teaching Support Network offers support in the form of a range of materials available for developing biology classes, through cooperation with teachers at various levels and for various forms of teaching biology content.

The journal EdBi is published by the Croatian Biological Society under the auspices of the Department of Biology. The journal publishes examples of good practices in teaching biology content and the results of education research conducted in the field of biology.

For pupils, we offer quizzes and other interesting content at the e-learning site Bioznalac.