Registration for the Symposium will open on February 1, 2021. In addition to PhD students who will present their research, all other interested parties are welcome to participate in the Symposium as observers, i.e. passive participants. Deadline for application and abstract submission is February 28, 2021.

Who can register?

All PhD students of the Faculty of Science and related studies (regardless of the year of their studies) can participate in the Symposium presenting their PhD research results. We invite everyone else to register as passive participants, especially students at any stage of their studies.

In which ways can you participate?

You can participate by giving an oral presentation, a flash presentation, or a poster presentation, as well as by being a passive participant. A standard oral presentation lasts up to eight minutes, plus two minutes for discussion. A flash presentation lasts up to three minutes, plus two minutes for discussion, and aims to present the most important aspects of one's research. For a flash presentation, one slide (maximum) is allowed, and encouraged. PhD students who opt for a flash presentation also need to present their results in form of a poster. Students having a poster presentation need to prepare a poster of dimension 100 cm x 80 cm (100 cm is the height and 80 cm is the width, i.e. the poster is oriented vertically).

Since results from all research areas will be presented at the Symposium, students are encouraged to formulate their presentations in a way that is suitable for a wider (scientific) audience.

Author: Marija Čuić
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