We are officially opening registrations for the 2021 Faculty of Science PhD Student Symposium!

Here are instructions for both active and passive participants.



Active participants can be all PhD students of the Faculty of Science and related studies (regardless of the year of their studies), who will present their PhD research results at the Symposium.


1.      Registration

To successfully register for the Symposium, you need to complete the Participation form via Google Forms that you can find here.

You can participate by giving:

  1. an oral presentation
  2. a poster presentation
  3. a flash and poster presentation. 

In the Participation form, participants can choose the type of presentation they prefer, and when receiving the confirmation of acceptance of their application, they will be informed about the type of lecture they will have. Due to the time constraint of the Symposium, it is possible that not all accepted participants will be able to present in the way they have chosen.

A standard oral presentation lasts up to 10 minutes (8 minutes plus 2 minutes for discussion). A flash presentation lasts up to 5 minutes (3 minutes plus 2 minutes for discussion). PhD students who opt for a flash presentation, also need to present their results in form of a poster. Students giving a poster presentation need to prepare a poster of dimension 100 cm x 80 cm (100 cm is the height and 80 cm is the width, i.e. the poster is oriented vertically).

The official languages of the Symposium are English and Croatian. Students who choose to participate through oral or flash presentations can choose whether to give their presentation in English or Croatian. In both cases, the text in the presentations must be in English. Also, the text on the posters must be in English.

Since results from all research areas will be presented at the Symposium, students are encouraged to formulate their presentations in a way that is suitable for a wider (scientific) audience.


2.      Abstract submission

In addition to filling in the Participation form, it is necessary to send an abstract according to the template that accompanies these instructions. The title of the document should contain the name and surname of the presenting author and the Field of research, in the form "Surname_Name_Study" (e.g. "Surname_Name_Mathematics"). You should send your abstracts as a Microsoft Office Word document to the e-mail address: phdss@pmf.hr.

Authors are kindly requested to follow the technical instructions when writing the abstract and to use the attached template. Abstracts not written according to the attached template will be automatically returned to the authors.

Important: the abstract should be written in Croatian and English.


Deadline for registration and abstract submission is February 28, 2021.




A passive participant can be anyone interested in listening to the Symposium, especially undergraduate and graduate students.



In order to participate in the Symposium as observers, you need to fill in the Passive participation form via Google Forms that you can find here.


Deadline for registration of passive participants is March 31, 2021.


For all inquiries, feel free to contact us via e-mail at: phdss@pmf.hr.

Author: Petra Lazić
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