Prof. dr. sc. Josip Tambača

Prof. dr. sc. Josip Tambača is one of the world's experts in mathematical modeling in biomedicine and a full professor at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. He is the winner of the Annual State Science Award in 2019 for scientific achievement in the field of natural sciences, field of mathematics, branch of applied mathematics and mathematical modeling, for six papers published in 2019 in top international scientific journals. The papers rigorously derive lower-dimensional models that describe the behavior of elastic bodies starting from the equations of a three-dimensional elastic body, with the interaction of two elastic structures of different thicknesses and with specifics such as poroelasticity and biodegradability of materials. The basic applications of these results are in biomedicine, such as a stent model with displacements in all three dimensions based on a one-dimensional model of a curved elastic rod or a model and simulation of blood flow through elastic vessels. In these papers, numerical methods for these models are proposed and the results of simulations are presented, including the application to four types of commercial stents. His specific field of scientific work is the theory of elasticity, especially mathematical justification and derivation of lower-dimensional models, as well as modeling and properties of the interaction of elastic bodies with fluid. He is currently working on optimal stent design, in an area where modeling, simulation and optimization are combined. He also won the 2001 State Science Award for Research Fellows. He has published over 50 scientific papers and is a leader and collaborator on numerous scientific projects. He was a guest on popular science shows Treći element and Prometej, and was the leader of the Mathematical Modeling workshop in the field of applied mathematics and statistics in the XV. Gymnasium in Zagreb. He has given numerous popular lectures, especially for high school students.

Author: Marija Čuić
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