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BICRO BIOCentar d. o. o. is an incubation centre for biosciences and technology commercialization opened in 2015 in Zagreb. It provides offices, laboratories, consultancy and trainings for start-ups, established biotech companies, universities and institutes. It also encourages collaboration between scientific researches and economy in the process of product development and commercialization, by building network of interested parties in the field of biotechnology.



Ericsson Nikola Tesla Grupa creates advanced, sustainable and connected world by providing innovative information-communications products, solutions, software and services. Due to strong breakthrough of new technology such as 5G, loT, Big Data, IP and solutions in the cloud, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, they are intensively hiring in the last years. Students are given opportunity for professional development through mentoring and team work with cutting edge technologies.



Wherever complex substance mixtures are analyzed (herbals, environmental analysis, forensic), Planar Chromatography (TLC) is often an excellent alternative to GC and HPLC. The present-day planar chromatography - HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) is a highly efficient instrumentalized analytical method. By adhering to the international quality assurance standards it has become a reliable and trustworthy quantitative method which, however, managed to keep its unique advantage of a simple, user-friendly, easily accessible analytical method.


KMPG Croatia

KPMG exists in the croatian market for 28 years, providing professional services such as auditing, tax consultancy, accounting, law, transaction and financial consultancy, business consultancy as well as consulting about financial risks and regulatory compliance. Its core value lies in its 227.000 employees coming from 146 countries, and every year they are joined by managers, experts and graduates from the best universities and schools.


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Tvrtka Primalab d.o.o. is engaged in the business of selling and servicing laboratory, industrial and processing equipment as a distributer od renowned manufacturers such as Metrohm, Metrohm Autolab, Metrohm Applikon, Lauda & Lauda Scientific, Rudolph Research Analytical, Kambič, Hamilton, Hielscher and many other in the croatian market.



Shimadzu is a world-known manufacturer involved in research activities of the modern scientific areas; from ecology and medicine, through airline and automotive industry all the way to development of industrial, analysis, measurement and biotechnology equipment. It is less known that it is precisely Shimadzu that produces systems for air control, air quality control, display in cockpit, as well as space equipment.

Author: Petra Lazić
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