Workshop leader - Dr. sc. Jelena...

Our third workshop leader is dr. sc. Jelena Čulić-Viskota - she received her PhD from the Caltech Institute in California, and today works at Intel Corporation in the United States. She will give a talk titled: ''Career in industry- key skills and mindset for success''. 

Dr. sc. Jelena Čulić-Viskota, PMP, is a Strategic Test Planner for Intel Corporation. She is responsible for determining the technical and economical feasibility of manufacturing of Intel’s client segment semiconductor packages and ensuring strategic technical capabilities development. After completing her high school education from MIOC, Split she moved to NYC to complete a Bachelor’s Chemical Engineering degree from NYU Poly. She holds a MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Caltech, Pasadena (California) in the area of synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles for biological imaging implementation. Her professional career experience has all been minted at Intel Corporation, working in a variety of different roles- with a focus on thermal management, process development and program management of a number of backend test manufacturing processes in semiconductor development. Jelena holds a number of patents and publications (some that are only open to a subset of Intel Employees). Jelena is actively involved in Project Management (PMP) Certification training and believes that growth mindset is one’s road to success.

Author: Zuzana Redžović
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