Here we present workshops that will be held by our workshop leaders in the this year's Symposium:


PAULA DOBRINIĆ: Careers Beyond Academia: Experience from the University of Oxford 

During my undergraduate studies and later PhD, I was picturing myself pursuing a long-term career as an academic researcher. Becoming a group leader and maybe a lecturer seemed like an obvious path for someone who loves and enjoys scientific research. However, a postdoc experience at the University of Oxford opened my eyes to other possibilities. I had a chance to meet and hear from many former researchers who left academia after their PhD or postdoc, and were thriving in their new roles. Moreover, the University is providing lots of support for students and staff who want to employ their unique set of skills to pursue careers outside of academia. Focus on personal and professional development of researchers is becoming increasingly important to major funders and scientific institutions in the UK. I would like to share personal experience of how this environment shaped my own thinking about my future career. 


JELENA ČULIĆ-VISKOTA: Career in industry - key skills and mindset for success 

When I wistfully look back on my academic years, my present-day self would have liked to have known what key skills to prioritize for professional successes. Technical education- is the foundational base to a career in STEM disciplines - but the real distinguishers are a number of skills and methodologies that academia tends to fail to systematically teach. In this workshop, I will share my view on which skills are important to successfully navigate your career- both in industry and academia. 


DEJAN VINKOVIĆ: Life is like a box of chocolates: from astrophysics to scientific entrepreneurship

When I was a university professor, I often got questions from Croatian astrophysics and astronomy students about their possibilities for future careers. Their view was that astrophysics gives you only a path toward work as a professional scientist and nothing else. In reality, astrophysics and astronomy give you a very diverse set of skills that are highly valuable in the private sector. Advanced work with data and math, understanding sensors, programming, solving problems, data acquisition techniques, etc., all these are highly prized skills. But life is more complicated than this simple story. We seek life security and predictability, but dream about adventures and exciting uncertainties. Today, we live in a world of truly amazing possibilities, but this means that more responsibility is put on us, on our personal life choices and decisions. 

Author: Petra Lazić
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