Croatian Science Foundation's research project

Characterization and monitoring of the Dubrovnik fault system



Assist. Prof. Josip Stipčević

Andrija Mohorovičić Geophysical Institute at the Department of Geophysics

Faculty of Science

University of Zagreb


About the project – in short...



Research team

The research team is an ideal combination of experience and youth. It consists of members of different profiles from the Andrija Mohorovičić Geophysical Institute and the Seismological Survey at the Department of Geophysics of Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Zagreb.

Assist. Prof. Josip Stipčević, PI

Prof. Marijan Herak, researcher

Prof. Davorka Herak, researcher

Prof. Bruno Tomljenović, researcher (RGNF)

Assist. Prof. Iva Dasović, researcher

Dr. Marija Mustać, researcher

Dr. Tena Belinić Topić, researcher

Helena Latečki, mag. phys.-geophys., researcher




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