Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

The Division of Animal Physiology’s was founded by prof. dr. Borislav Nakić in 1963 so animal physiology and other similar classes could be held, but also so he could start scientific research in animal physiology and immunology. The research at the Division of Animal Physiology was first directed towards the area of transplant immunology. Today the scientific, teaching, and assistant staff researches the areas of biology of the immune hemopoietic system, exotoxicology, radiobiology, biological therapy of tumours and metastasis, molecular diagnostics of hereditary diseases of farm animals as well as animal behaviour. Along with the instruments that are needed for classes and scientific research, the Division of Animal Physiology owns the space where highly related strains of mice and rats are bred. A smaller part of the space is designed for breeding and nurturing reptiles and other lower vertebrates.

Division of Animal physiology
Head Assoc. prof. dr. sc. Ana Galov
Administrator  Sanja Škalec
Email  sanja.skalec@biol.pmf.hr
Telefon  +385(0)1 4877 747
Fax  +385(0)1 4826 260
Adress  Rooseveltov 6
 10000 Zagreb