Quantum CorES

160. obljetnica rođenja Andrije Mohorovičića        21. travnja - DAN PMF-a


Amount requested from UKF:
1.409.331,76 kn
15.12.2015.- 14.12.2017.


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Our project has been presented at the manifestation organized by the president of the Republic of Croatia. Mrs. Kolinda Grabar Kitarević organised the "Day of STEM" event where all the major educational and scientific instutions were invited to present their projects and attractive experiments, to the elementary and high school students.


Author: Mihael Srđan Grbić

Starting January 13th 2017., the NMR group has increased by another member of the team - dr. Alberto Fraile Garcia. Dr. Fraile has joined the Quantum CorES project and he will help us in research activities on the heavy fermion system. We look forward to our cooperation and the abundance of NMR results. Pun not intended.

We wish him many success in future work!

Author: Mihael Srđan Grbić

The first ever pressure-dependence study has started at the Department of Physics. One of our project goals was to initiate the pressure research at the faculty, and we are happy to report that the first pressure mounting has been successful.

In the image to the left one can see two signals - an NQR signal of Cu2O powder measured at ambient pressure and at 8.15 kbar. The position of the line moves due to a change in ionic interaction of copper and surrounding oxygen, when the crystal cell is under stress. 

Pressure is increased via hydrostatic compression, and  the plan is to reach 26 kbar this summer.

To our great joy, the era of pressure research has begun at the Faculty of Science.

We thank our colleague P. Popčević from the Institute of Physics who helped us in preparation of this experiment.

Author: Mihael Srđan Grbić

On Friday 29th of January, Quantum CorES team had a Skype-conference for the kick-off of the project. All partners participated the discussion. The team has overviewed the current status of the project, the project flow for the first year, discussed possible issues and proposed the dynamics of the future updates of the project status.

Two short-seminars will be organized, one at the Department of Physics and one at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, to present the project and attract candidates for PhD positions.

Author: Mihael Srđan Grbić