Central Library of Geology

Adrdess: Horvatovac 102a, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 4606474, 4606452
E-mail: jsebalj@geol.pmf.unizg.hr


Head librarian: Josip Šebalj, mag. informatol.


Working hours for users:

Monday – Friday

9:00  –  15:00 h



The Geological Library is open primarily for students and scientific and teaching staff of the Department of Geology at the Faculty of Science, but it is also available for use by other students of the Faculty of Science. Users have open access to the library fund, which covers relevant material from the wider field of geology, including paleontology, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, hydrology...


The library fund contains:

  • about 15,000 copies of professional and teaching material: books, textbooks and reference literature (encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons, bibliographies)
  • 300 titles of domestic and foreign professional journals
  • about 4,500 geological and topographic maps and interpreters
  • diploma, master's theses and doctoral dissertations
  • other teaching material
  • In the library there is a reading room with a computer with the possibility of using your own computer via wireless internet.



The online catalog of the Geological Library enables the search of books, journals, evaluation papers and other publications that are available in the library's holdings.


Catalogs of other libraries in Croatia:



Enrollment in the library:

  • all full-time students of the Faculty of Science can enroll in the library
  • a student ID card is required for enrollment (iksica)

Borrowing books:

  • to borrow books a student ID card is required
  • library materials can be borrowed for a maximum of 30 days (if there are more copies, one copy is not borrowed but can be used in the reading room)
  • a student can borrow a maximum of 3 books
  • the book can be extended in person or at the library contact (ixica required)
  • journals, evaluation papers and maps are not borrowed outside the library and are intended solely for reading room work
  • before graduation or in case of leaving the study, the user is obliged to return all borrowed material, after which he receives a confirmation that the library material has been returned

   When certifying a semester, it is necessary to return all borrowed books to the library so that the student can certify the semester.



The Electronic Sources Portal for the Croatian academic and scientific community provides access to databases for all members of the scientific community in the Republic of Croatia (researchers, teachers, students ...).

Users can use more than 40 of the most important databases from individual scientific fields. Authorization is regulated via IP addresses, so access to databases is provided from institutions and from home if you connect via CARNet's modem ports (CMU).

Other useful links:

Pero – electronic journals with full text (without update)
Hrčak – portal of scientific journals of the Republic of Croatia
Crosby – Croatian scientific bibliography



The repository of the Faculty of Science is located in the DABAR system. Older works in the DIGRE repository are in transition to the DABAR system.


The Repository of the Faculty of Science is a digital repository which includes final student papers. It is created within the DABAR system (Digital Academic Archives and Repositories), which enables institutions from the science and higher education system to gather papers in digital form in one place and use them without having to think about technological issues related to the establishment and maintenance of repositories.

PMFDigitalni akademski arhivi i repozitoriji




DIGRE (DIGital REpository) is an old repository of the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, which brings together final papers created at the Faculty of Science and scientific research papers authored by employees of the Faculty. The repository stores complete texts of final papers, papers published in scientific journals or conference proceedings, teaching materials, book chapters and other types of content created by the work of Faculty staff. Part of the works in the repository is open access (available publicly and free of charge, no user account required), and part is available only to students and staff of the Faculty of Science with AAI @ EduHR authorization identity depending on the wishes of the author and copyright related to the works.