Centre of Excellence in Chemistry


Centre for Advanced Research of Complex Systems

Project of the Physics Department, Faculty of Science for infrastructure support financed from the European Regional Development Fund, OP "Competitiveness and Cohesion" 2014 - 2020.

Project budget: 57.806.124,58 HRK (49.135.205,89 HRK (85%) financed by EU)

Project duration: 28 months (from July 2nd 2018 to November 2nd 2020)

Connecting science, technology and strategic development.

  • designed in accordance with the European principles of horizontal and vertical development of science,
  • consists of complementary scientific units that provide open access to all scientific, technological or business-oriented entities in the Republic of Croatia without their own capacity to conduct advanced research.

The basic principle of the project:

  • sustainability and cost-effective top-notch science.
  • makes a closed unit that leverages existing capacities, enhances their superior benefits, expands opportunities and opens new research areas that create a link with the needs of the Croatian economy.

Project CeNIKS breaks the boundaries that prevented full development of science associated with the industry - allows cooperation in creating quality products for today's market.


CeNIKS follows the main guidelines of the European Commission and the Ministry of Economy in the form of smart specialization in the areas of Key Enabling Technologies, the so-called KET: Health, Sustainable Energy and Environment, Engineering and Biotechnology / Bioeconomy. Also, in line with the European goal of smart development of science, CeNIKS covers:

• focused investment in key national interests, which are built in an environment of concentrated knowledge;
• the development of areas where the Republic of Croatia has already proven to be strong in competitive international projects;
• Support innovative-technological activities that stimulate investment in the economy;
• supporting innovation and experimentation;
• investments in entities that undergo regular evaluation.


Sustainability and focus of the project CeNIKS - cutting-edge research, superior service to businesses and cryogenic infrastructure in one place - makes it a contemporary response to the needs of the research of new materials and the bridge with industrial applications.