Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Department of Chemistry

Head of Department:

Prof. Davor Kovačević


Deputy Head of the Department: Prof. Željka Soldin


Department SecretaryMs Dolores Matleković


Student Administration and Management Office: Ms Ivona Raguž

Office Hours for Students: 12:00 p. m. – 14:00 p.m.

Phone: +385 1 4606 035
E-mail: referada@chem.pmf.hr


Description of the Department:

The Department consists of five Divisions and employs about 40 teachers, 35 assistants, postgraduate doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, and about 30 staff associates. There are approximately 500 students enrolled in 4 different study programmes (undergraduate chemistry studies, graduate chemistry studies, integral undergraduate and graduate biology and chemistry teaching studies, and integral undergraduate and graduate physics and chemistry teaching studies) and about 150 doctoral students in chemistry. The Department is equipped with two large lecture halls (180 seats each), several smaller lecture and seminar rooms, a variety of student laboratories, two computer rooms, and the Central Chemical Library.



Department of Chemistry, as a part of the Faculty of Science, offers research oriented and educational study programmes in chemistry. Scientific and research work of the Department contributes to the development of chemical science as well as to the advancement of natural sciences and technology in the Republic of Croatia.



  • Department of Chemistry is recognized as a leading institution marked by excellence both in scientific work and in education.
  • Active partner relationship between students and teachers is adjusted to the characteristics and needs of each student, with clearly defined educational goals and responsibilities.
  • Using appropriate resources, including state-of-the-art instruments, the Department takes care to maintain the quality of scientific work and study programmes at the highest possible level.


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Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
University of Zagreb

Horvatovac 102A
HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


+385 1 4606 000




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