About us

Our Department was founded in 1883, and today we are the most significant scientific and educational institution for geography in Croatia. Contemporary global issues, such as the restructuring of urban and rural areas, migrations and demographic ageing, climate and environmental change, and other natural and social processes are some of our research topics.

In their research work geographers use new technologies and tools such as geographic information systems, analyses of satellite imagery of the Earth’s surface and spatial models. Additionally, geographers aren’t afraid to get their shoes dirty – field work is an essential part of our research.

On our page you can learn about the organisation of the Department, academic and other types of activities, as well as our staff. You can familiarise yourselves with the study programmes offered by the Department, which provide knowledge and competencies in the fields of research and education in geography.

Besides the Undergraduate Research Programme in Geography and Integrated Studies in Geography and History, the Department of Geography offers five programmes at the graduate level:

In cooperation with the Departments of Geology and Biology at the Faculty of Science, undergraduate and graduate studies in Environmental Sciences are offered. It is important to note that the Doctoral study of geography: space, region, environment, landscape is the sole doctoral study of Geography at the University of Zagreb.

Department of Geography at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb is the oldest and the largest geographic department in Croatia. About 40 employees work in research, teaching, professional, and administrative activities at the Department. Altogether, there are about 450 students in undergraduate, graduate, integrated, and doctoral study programmes.

The Department of Geography consists of three divisions: Division of Physical GeographyDivision of Social Geography, and Division of Regional Geography and Methodic. The Cartographic-technical Centre with a rich Cartographic Collection and the Central Geographic Library are also part of the Department.  We are closely linked to the Croatian Geographic Society (est. 1897), found at the same location, at Marulićev trg 19 in Zagreb.