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CATURBO - ChAracteristics of TURbulence of the BOra wind

Scientific project of the Croatian Sience Foundation


First hot wire anemometer measurements of bora wind has been conducted


March 25, 2014


On Vratnik Pass hot wire anemometer measurements on a 2,5 m high mast were performed for the very first time in Croatia. Besides CATURBO collaborators (B. Grisogono - project leader, Ž. Večenaj - researcher, Z. Matica and D. Ptičar - technicians) few students of geophysics participated as well preparing themselves for their diploma work. Croatian television broadcasted a short report (in Croatian) in the noon news on March 27, 2014, which can be seen by clicking on the video link here...


Hot wire anemometer calibration

February 20, 2014


Željko Večenaj (researcher), Damir Ptičar and Zlatko Matica (technicians), in collaboration with the Faculty of Civil Engineering in zagreb, worked on the calibration of the hot wire anemometer, planned for field measurements of bora wind events during spring 2014 at Vratnik Pass.



Author: Antun Marki
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