Geofizika invites everyone who wishes to publish results of their research of the 22 March 2020 ML5.5 Zagreb earthquake and subsequent earthquake's series and related topics to submit their manuscript. Contributions for better understanding of the physics and geology of the area obtained by investigation of these events are welcome. Some of the appropriate topics are

  • aftershock analyses,
  • macroseismic investigations,
  • source analyses,
  • seismotectonic framework,
  • strong-motion and site effects,
  • effects on buildings,
  • remote sensing (geodetic) results.

The submission deadline is set to 30 June 2021. Accepted articles will be published online as soon as ready but print issue is scheduled for December 2021.

Geofizika is open access journal and its content is free and available at the journal's webpage.

Author: Iva Dasović