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European Conference for Applied...

From 3 - 7 September 2018, 4 VITCLIC members participated on European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2018 (EMS 2018) in Budapest and presented their work trough 4 oral presentations and 2 posters. Presented topics covered wide spectra of meteorological and agro-meteorological topics covering extreme weather, winds along Croatian coast, agroclimatic indices and micro-meteorological measurements in agriculture.

Author: Antun Marki
Participation at XII International...

Associate at VITCLIC project, prof. dr. sc. Jasminka Karoglan-Kontić from the Viticulture and Vineyards Institute of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, participated from 15 to 20 July 2018 at the XII International Conference on Grape Breeding and Genetics held in the French Bordeaux with a post titled: Polyphenolic composition of Dalmatian grapivine varieties grown under continental climate.

Author: Antun Marki
Presentation of the VITCLIC project...

From 25 to 29 June 2018, a workshop on "Symposium on Advances on Meteorological Application in Agriculture" was held in Novi Sad, which marked the completion of the project "H2020 TWINNING - SERBIA FOR EXCELL".

Author: Antun Marki
Meeting with vine producers and vine...

After one year of project activities, at the Institute of agriculture and tourism in Poreč, 26 April 2018 was organized an meeting with vine producers and vine growers who are voluntary participating in hail data acquisition around Istrian county. Goal of meeting was to inform participants on results obtained in first year of project and to advert plans for following year using two presentations and discussion afterward.

Author: Antun Marki
Routine tour of hail gauge locations...

Entering to the new vegetation season, an routine check was made to verify state of hail gauges stations around Istrian county and also to prepare them for new season of measurements (redeployment and fixing of hail gauges and substitution of hail pads). That way cold season data ware acquired to estimate contributions oh hail from that period. Its interesting to say that all station measured some type of hail event, however most of those events ware of weak intensity with few exceptions of very strong hail.

Author: Antun Marki