Graduate University Biomedical Mathematics Programme in English

Official length of programme

Two-year programme, 120 ECTS credits.

Access requirements

Applicants must have completed a European undergraduate university programme with at least 180 ECTS credits or an equivalent programme, providing them with relevant competencies in mathematics.

Name of qualification

Master of Science in Mathematics.

Programme requirements

The Graduate University Biomedical Mathematics Study Programme in English is the new programme designed and conducted by the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science.

The Graduate University Biomedical Mathematics Study Programme in English, through its course contents as well as its forms and methods of teaching, provides for the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and the understanding of results in the area of mathematics in combination with biology and medicine. During this course of study, students receive fundamental knowledge in statistics, stochastic processes, mathematical modelling, branching processes, mathematics from data, modelling with differential equations with additional complementary knowledge in biology (bioinformatics, translational genomics, molecular mechanisms of aging, tumour growth models etc.) and medicine (introduction to human body, modelling human brain processes, mechanisms of human diseases, etc.).

Professional status

Holders of the Master of Science degree in Biomedical Mathematics are qualified for work in the scientific research and higher education system (universities, polytechnics, research institutes) in entrance-level teaching or research positions (assistant, young researcher and associate) in mathematics. Moreover, they can be employed in industry as researchers (in developmental research institutes, e.g. in pharmaceutical companies), quality controllers, analysts and such.

Access to further study

After completing this graduate university programme, students are qualified for postgraduate (doctoral or specialist) programmes at the Department of Mathematics, in accordance with the enrolment conditions for the academic year in which they apply. The received knowledge and acquired skills also qualify students for continued study in related postgraduate (doctoral or specialist) programmes at other higher education institutions. The conditions of enrolment in postgraduate programmes at other higher education institutions are determined by those institutions.

Additional information

Official web site of the Biomedical Mathematics Study Programme:

Information on the courses and teachers can be found HERE.

Information on the admission and enrollment procedure HERE.