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prof. dr. sc. Anđelka Plenković-Moraj

Title: Full Professor
Public phone number:+385 91 5234 048
E-mail: E-mail
Personal web page: https://www.pmf.unizg.hr/biol/bz/znanost/grupa_za_slatkovodne_alge
Official web page URL: https://www.pmf.unizg.hr/biol
Department: Division of Botany
Graduation year:1981
mr.sc. graduation year:1984
PhD graduation year:1993
Employed in this institution since:1980


Prof. ANĐELKA PLENKOVIĆ-MORAJ PhD was born on 12 August 1956 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Her scientific and research activities include biocenological-ecological studies, trophic relationships and saprobic characteristics of freshwater algae in phytoplankton and periphyton communities of lotic and lenitic biotopes with special reference to: a) the role of algae in the process of tufa formation/limestone encrustation and b) assessment of ecological status of inland waters according to EU WFD. With many professional activities until 2021, published as author or co-author: 80 scientific articles, chapters in 11 professional books, 10 expert papers and 135 scientific and professional contributions in environmental studies and expert reports. She gave 55 invited lectures and speeches (38 of them international) and participated in international and national conferences with 97 scientific communications. Until her retirement, she led 38 projects (28 of them international) and was actively involved in more than 60 projects as a researcher. Her teaching and expert activities include 40 years of work with students in numerous university and non-university courses and trainings in freshwater algal ecology, with courses for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. She has been the supervisor of 14 final theses at BsC level, 23 diploma theses, 4 master theses and 10 dissertations at the University of Zagreb and the University of Osijek. She has long been a member of numerous European scientific and professional societies, where she usually holds one of the closest posts in the steering committee. She also actively participated in the administrative and organisational activities at the level of: (i) Department of Biology (Head and Deputy Head), (ii) Faculty of Science ( Vice Dean for Investment and Development) and (iii) University of Zagreb (Member of the Commission for Spatial and Investment Planning, Council for Natural Sciences, Working Group for the Establishment of the North Campus). Her active participation in the popularisation of science is reflected in a number of activities (secretary of the State Commission for Biology "Science for Youth", president of the Croatian Commission for the Biology Competition, vice-president of the National Committee of the Croatian Commission for the UNESCO MAB, lead researcher of Croatian youth researchers at the European competitions YEER and at the International Association for Danube Research, etc.). For her contributions to the popularisation of science, she was awarded, among others, the Golden Plaque on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Croatian Ecological Society in 2004. In 2019, she received the Tianfu Friendship Reward, the highest award for foreigners from China's Sichuan Province.

She started the international collaboration in 1985 as a collaborator of NSF Grant JF-800: Study of the origin and diagenesis of travertine deposits (principal investigators: Prof. Dr. S. Golubić, Boston University, USA and Dr. D. Srdoč, RBI, Zagreb). The success of the project and collaboration led to a new international project in 1988 US-YU JOIN PROJECT PN 543 (principal investigator Prof. Dr. S. Golubić, Boston University). This cooperation has made an exceptional contribution to the system of education and training of young Croatian scientists, especially in the field of algology and geology in Croatia. For many years it has been developing cooperation through bilateral projects with Slovenia (three projects), Macedonia (one project), Hungary (three projects) and the People's Republic of China (four projects). The rich international cooperation has also resulted in scientific and educational EU projects in the field of limnology (QUALY and SEE-ERA.NET), related to the education of students of the University of Zagreb at international European universities. Thanks to international cooperation, it has concluded a number of bilateral university agreements on international exchange of students and teachers within the framework of the ERASMUS programme for the period 2009-2013. In 2010/2011, through a series of activities and cooperation with the Chengdu Institute of Biology-Chinese Academy of Science, PRC, it contributed to the signing of a Memorandum of Scientific and Teaching Cooperation between the University of Zagreb and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Sichuan Province. The result of the rich cooperation with the People's Republic of China is the signing of the agreement on the establishment of the Croatian-Chinese Joint Research Centre for Environmental Protection (JRC) in 2014, the establishment of the joint Croatian-Chinese Laboratory for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services under the auspices of the Belt and Road in 2019, and the full membership of the University of Zagreb in the Alliance of International Science Organisations (ANSO). In the framework of Croatian-Chinese cooperation, she led two bilateral and nine scientific projects funded by the Ministry of Science of the People's Republic of China (MOST) and/or the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) from the establishment of the JRC until her retirement.



COOPERATION with the People's Republic of China

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