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prof. dr. sc. Nataša Bauer

Title: Full Professor
Location: 213
Public phone number:+385(0)1 4606 263
Internal phone number:6263
E-mail: E-mail
Department: Division of Molecular Biology
Graduation year:1996
mr.sc. graduation year:2002
PhD graduation year:2006
Employed in this institution since:1996







Nataša Bauer received a graduate degree in Molecular biology from Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb in 1996. She started postgraduate studies at the same university, and received MSc degree in Molecular Biology in 2002 and PhD degree in 2006 from the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. She became Assistant Professor in 2009 and Associate Professor in 2017 at Faculty of Science University of Zagreb. She is teaching Plant tissue and cell culture, Plant engineering, Genetic engineering in biotechnology, and Molecular and functional genomics.

The focus of her academic study and research are the fields of plant molecular biology and biotechnology, plant development and stress response. She has hands-on experience in various genetic engineering methods, gene expression monitoring by quantitative PCR, gene cloning and modifications, plant and bacteria proteins overexpression and purification, yeast transformation and yeast two hybrid assay, transient plant transformation and in vivo imaging of plant cells by epi-fluorescent and confocal microscopy. She is experienced in in vitro plant cell/tissues cultivation, induction and regeneration of plant somatic embryos, and isolation and manipulation of zygotic embryos, as well as in abiotic stress manipulation of plants, from germinating seeds, seedlings to adult plants.

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