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Sven Horvatić, dr. sc.

Title: asistent - predavač
Public phone number:+385(0)1 4877 712
E-mail: E-mail
Department: Division of Zoology
Graduation year:2015
PhD graduation year:2021
Employed in this institution since:2016




integrated undergraduate and graduate


After graduating from Gymnasium in Dugo Selo, I enrolled in an undergraduate program in Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Science in 2010. I completed my undergraduate studies in 2013 and enrolled in a graduate program in Experimental Biology (course Zoology), which I completed in 2015. I became interested in acoustic communication in fish after enrolling in Zoology, and especially in the sound generation and acoustic behavior of freshwater and marine gobies (Gobioidei; Gobiiformes). Since then, I've had the opportunity to research gobies bioacoustics for my Ph.D. thesis. Under the direction of Prof. Davor Zanella, I completed my doctoral studies (Biology) at alma mater in 2021 by defending my Ph.D. thesis (thesis title: Acoustic characteristics and phylogenetic relationships of gobies from the family Gobiidae (Teleostei; Gobiiformes)). The sound production in invasive Ponto-Caspian gobies (Ponticola kessleri, Neogobius fluviatilis, N. melanostomus) was studied in the Ph.D. thesis. I am co-author of 17 original scientific papers (12 CC), from which on six I appear as a first author.

Throughout my academic career, I was involved in a variety of research initiatives (student, scientific, and professional) and spent a large amount of time in the field, exploring marine and freshwater ecosystems and gathering data. In the future, I'd like to investigate the functional relationship between invasive species and passive acoustic control approaches in aquatic settings (traps, telemetry, etc.). Furthermore, I choose to concentrate my scientific research on understanding the vocal behavior and acoustic process of soniferous fish, as well as investigating marine/freshwater soundscapes, with a focus on the spatiotemporal variety of vocal taxa. As an expert associate, I work on research initiatives (such as fish monitoring programs and endemic fauna conservation studies) in Croatian freshwaters. I work as an assistant at the university and complete practicums in vertebrate anatomy and freshwater ichthyology.

For more details, please visit personal website: https://svenhorvatic0.wixsite.com/website

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List of select publications

  1. Horvatić, S., Malavasi, Vukić, J., Šanda, R., Marčić, Z., Ćaleta, M., Lorenzoni, M., Mustafić, P., Buj, I., Onorato, L., Ivić, L., Cavraro, F., Zanella, D. (2021) Correlation between acoustic divergence and phylogenetic distance in soniferous European gobiids (Gobiidae; Gobius lineage). Plos One. In press.
  2. Horvatić, S., Zanella, D., Marčić, Z., Mustafić, P., Buj, B., Onorato, O., Ivić, L., Karlović, K., Ćaleta, M. (2021) First report of the Chinese sleeper Perccottus glenii Dybowski, 1877 in the Drava River, Croatia. Aquatic Invasions. In press.
  3. Raguž, L., Buj, I., Marčić, Z., Veble, V., Ivić, L., Zanella, D., Horvatić, S., Mustafić, P., Ćaleta, M., Sabolić, M. (2021). First look into the evolutionary history, phylogeographic and population genetic structure of the Danube barbel in Croatia. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems. 422, 13.
  4. Ivić, L., Buj, I., Raguž, L., Marčić, Z., Ćaleta, M., Zanella, D., Mustafić, P., Horvatić, S. (2021). Diversity and structure of trout populations (Salmo sp., Salmonidae, Actinopteri) in the Žumberak-Samoborsko Gorje Nature Park in Croatia. Fundamental and Applied Limnology. (194), 3; 215–225.
  5. Marčić, Z., Abramović, A., Ćaleta, M., Buj, I., Zanella, D., Horvatić, S., Mustafić, P. (2020). Early development of the endemic dace Telestes karsticus (Leuciscidae, Cypriniformes) in a Dinaric karst stream in Croatia. Journal of Applied Ichthyology. (37), 1; 99–105.
  6. Tutman, P., Zanella, D., Horvatić, S., Hamzić, A., Adrović, A., Dulčić, J., Glamuzina, B. (2020). Freshwater gobies (Gobiidae) of Bosnia and Herzegovina: a review of the current status and distribution. Journal of Vertebrate Biology. (69), 4; 1–15.
  7. Piria, M., Zanella, D., Marčić, Z., Ćaleta, M., Horvatić, S., Jakšić, G., Buj, I., Paunović, M., Simonović, P., Mustafić, P. (2020). Has the racer goby Babka gymnotrachelus (Kessler, 1857) failed to invade the Danube tributaries, the Sava and Drava Rivers? Fundamental and Applied Limnology. (194), 3; 227–235.
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  10. Ćaleta, M., Marčić, Z., Buj, I., Zanella, D., Mustafić, P., Duplić, A., Horvatić, S. (2019). A review of extant croatian freshwater fish and lampreys, Annotated list and distribution. Croatian Journal of Fisheries. (77), 3; 137–234.
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  12. Horvatić, S., Bem, L., Malavasi, S., Marčić, Z., Buj, I., Mustafić, P., Ćaleta, M., Zanella, D. (2019). Comparative analysis of sound production between the bighead goby Ponticola kessleri and the round goby Neogobius melanostomus: implications for phylogeny and systematics. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 102, 727–739.
  13. Horvatić, S., Malavasi, S., Parmentier, E., Marčić, Z., Buj, I., Mustafić, P., Ćaleta, M., Smederevac-Lalić, M., Skorić, S. i Zanella, D. (2019). Acoustic communication during reproduction in the basal gobioid Amur sleeper and the putative sound production mechanism. Journal of Zoology. (309), 4; 269-279.
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  16. Mustafić, P., Buj, I., Opašić, M., Zanella, D., Marčić, Z., Ćaleta, M., Šanda, R., Horvatić, S., Mrakovčić, M. (2017). Morphological comparison of Delminichthys ghetaldii (Steindachner, 1882), D. adspersus (Heckel, 1843), D. jadovensis (Zupančič & Bogutskaya, 2002) and D. krbavensis (Zupančič & Bogutskaya, 2002), endemic species of the Dinaric karst, Croatia. Journal of Applied Ichthyology. (33), 2; 256-262.
  17. Horvatić, S., Cavraro, F., Zanella, D., Malavas, S. (2016). Sound production in the Ponto-Caspian goby Neogobius fluviatilis and acoustic affinities within the Gobius lineage: implications for phylogeny. Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society. (117), 3; 564-573.

Professional memberships

Croation Ichthiologycal Society (HID), Zagreb

International Bioacoustics Council (IBAC)

BIOM, Zagreb (2016 — 2018)

20 000 Leagues Society, Zadar (2016 — 2017)


List of select projects

Research and optimization of ichthyocenosis of Butoniga Reservoir for the purpose of reducing the trophic level (2016 — Present)

Monitoring project of Croatian freshwater ichthyofauna (zone E – Adriatic) (2016 — Present)

Biological study of surface water of the hydropower systems Varaždin, Čakovec and Dubrava (2016 — Present)

ADRICOR - Impact of climate change on coral biodiversity - research of mass mortality events in the Adriatic Sea (2020 — 2024)

Stručna podloga za Plan upravljanja (s akcijskim planom) za vrste roda Salmo (2017 — 2019)

Usluga izrade stručne podloge – svijetlica i kapelska svijetlica u sklopu projekta „Izrada prijedloga Planova upravljanja strogo zaštićenim vrstama (s akcijskim planovima)“ (2018 — 2019)

Past employments

2017. - present

Professional associate, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

2016. - 2017.

Research fellow, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (Croatia)