Faculty of Science develops first...

University graduate biomedical mathematics study programme, first programme of that kind in this part of Europe, is being developed at Department od Mathematics, Faculty of Science Zagreb.

Curriculum and programme is being developed within BioMedMath project, financed by EU European Social Fund through Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020. Project manager, dr. Hrvoje Šikić, PhD, points out that demand and need for this kind of study programme has been increasing throughout last decade and with suport from ESF that vision comes to life, just in time: 

Increasing role of mathematics in biology and medicine is trend that has been visible even in larger public domain, for the big part because of the accomplishment of well-known Genome Project. Latest problems generated by the ongoing pandemy and the necessity for predictions based on mathematical models emphasize the importance of cooperation between biologists, medical experts and mathematicians. In modern science, application of sofisticated mathematical methods is present in genetics, bioinformatics, tumor growth models, brain research, cardiovascular system research, organ growth processes, aging processes, evoulution processes, ecology, just to name few.”

As Project manager points out, lecturers at this study programme are experts in the fields of mathematics, biology and medicine:

We were lucky enough to form an excellent team of associates from Biology department, School of Medicine and Ruđer Bošković Institute and we can offer modern, world-class programme that is, for the most part, based on research that project associates do in their regular scientific work."

Since this is first study programme of that kind in Croatia and this part of Europe, cooperation with well experienced institution in that scientific area, University of Oxford as on of the leading centers in biomedical mathematics, was accomplished through project.

Biomedical mathematics study programme is two-year international programme conducted in English language, intended primarily for students who completed university undergraduate mathematics study or equal study programme anywhere in the world, but students who completed other similar undergraduate study programmes can also enroll with taking additional mathematics courses. Project implementation ends at the end of the year when study programme proposal will be submitted for accreditation. University of Zagreb has excellent experience in foreign student mobility (student visas, housing arrangements and accomodation, learning of Croatian language and culture) we expect that the study programme will be fully operational as soon as internatonal evaluation is completed. For more information on the project and study programme please visit: https://biomedmath.math.hr/en/home/

Author: Božidar Tartaro
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