62. International Mathematical Olympiad

Saint Petersburg, Russia, was host city for 62. International Mathematical Olympiad that was held from 14. to 24. July this year. Each of 107 competing countries applied 6 of it's best high school students. Croatian contestants were:

  • Bernard Inkret, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb
  • Krešimir Nežmah, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb
  • Ivan Vojvodić, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb
  • Andrej Čizmarević, Andrija Mohorovičić gymnasium, Rijeka
  • Dorijan Lendvaj, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb
  • Jakov Ljubičić, Lucijan Vranjanin gymnasium, Zagreb

Contest was held on 19. and 20. July in online form. In each country test was written under under special supervision. We are happy to say that Croatian contestants took their tests on Department of Mathematics of Faculty of Science Zagreb. Croatian team leaders were dr. Matija Bašić (Faculty of Science Zagreb, Department of Mathematics), dr. Ilko Brnetić (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb) and Josip Pupić (Faculty of Science Zagreb, Department of Mathematics).

Tasks were exceptionally difficult and our students achieved one of the best results for Republic of Croatia since it’s independence. Bernard won gold medal, Krešimir and Ivan silver medals, Andrej, Dorian and Jakov bronze medals. In overall order by the sum of each teams’s points Croatia was in excellent 21. place.

To compare this achievement with previous ones, Croatia was in best 20 only once in 2015, and this is second best result for our young mathematicians ever. All six of our students won medals only once, in 2011.

More information on the contest, contestants and results can be found here:



15. Middle European Mathematical Olympiad

15. Middle European Mathematical Olympiad was concluded on August 25, 2021, in Zagreb. 10 countries of Middle Europe participated in the contest: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. This year, as eleventh team and our guest, team of Bosnia and Herzegovina was invited to compete online, as well as German and Lithuanian contestants. Remaining 8 national teams gathered in Zagreb to compete, making this contest one of the few international knowledge contests that was held live in last two years, which enabled young Middle european mathematicians to meet in the same place.

This meet was organized by Croatian Mathematical Society and held from 23. – 29. August. Competitions, jury work, opening and closing of event was held at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, this event’s partner institution.

Croatian contestants were:

  • Namik Agić, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb
  • Janko Bušelić, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb
  • Petar Sruk, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb  
  • Patrick Pavić, XV. gymnasium, Zagreb
  • Stella Čolo, Frana Petrić gymnasium, Zadar  
  • Emanuel Tukač, First gymnasium, Varaždin

Team leaders were Ilko Brnetić (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) i Ivan Novak.

Overall, 6 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 18 bronze medals were awarded and our students achieved very good results: 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.

In individual part of contest Patrik Pavić and Stella Čolo won silver medals, Janko Bušelić and Emanuel Tukač won bronze medals.

In group part of contest, between 11 national teams, Poland won with maximum possible point score – 64. Hungary won silver medal, Croatia won bronze medal with same score as Hungary, but due to scoring system in tasks we were placed third. All Croatian contestants contributed significantly in achieving this result.

More information on the contest, contestants and results can be found here:



Department of Mathematics thanks everyone who contributed in making these two prestigious mathematics contests happen and we congratulate our contestants for achieving great results!

                                                                                                                                              Department of Mathematics Head

                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Igor Pažanin, professor

Author: Božidar Tartaro
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