On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the awards ceremony for the best students of the Department of Mathematics for acad. yr. 2020/2021 was held.

The award was given to the winner of the Rector's Award for Acad. yr. 2020/2021, colleague Ivan Novak, and to the most successful final year students of all undergraduate, graduate, and integrated studies and students who have achieved exceptional results in extracurricular activities in acad. yr. 2020/2021.

The list of all awarded students can be seen HERE.

The awards were presented to the students by prof. dr. sc. Igor Pažanin, Head of the Department of Mathematics, the program was led by Assoc. prof. dr. sc. Nikola Sandrić, Deputy head for teaching, and the award ceremony was attended by prof. dr. sc. Mirko Planinić, Dean of the Faculty of Science, and prof. dr. sc. Mladen Vukovic, Vice dean for teaching.

Congratulations once again to the students on their success and outstanding results!

Author: Božidar Tartaro
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