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Josip Skejo, dr. sc.

Title: asistent - predavač
Function:Research & teaching assistant
Public phone number:+385(0)1 4877 727
E-mail: E-mail
Personal web page: https://linktr.ee/skejo
Department: Division of Zoology
Graduation year:2014
mr.sc. graduation year:2017
PhD graduation year:2022
Employed in this institution since:2017





Josip Skejo completed his primary education in Šibenik, secondary education as a Franciscan seminarian in Sinj, while the university degrees he obtained in Zagreb (undergraduate studies in biology in 2014 under Prof. Dr. B. Primc; graduate studies in experimental biology in 2017 under Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Franjević, Zagreb and Priv. Doc. Dr. A. Hochkirch, Trier). He is a field, lab, and museum biologist with extensive national and international experience. His fieldwork and taxonomy mentor was Prof. Dr. Nikola Tvrtković. He published 4 books, 3 chapters, and over 45 scientific papers, cited over 540 times, and described over 60 taxa new to science. He is a member of the IUCN/SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group, where he co-authored over 150 professional papers. He is a member of the national commission for the competition in biology. He works as an assistant at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Zagreb. He prepared his doctoral dissertation in Düsseldorf under the mentorship of Professor Dr. William F. Martin and in Zagreb under the mentorship of Associate Professor Dr. Damjan Franjević.

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List of select publications

2013. Skejo J, Rebrina F. Rammeihippus dinaricus (Götz, 1970) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) – a new genus and species for the orthopteran fauna of Croatia and the first record of the species since description. Natura Croatica, 22(1): 37–43.

2014. Skejo J, Rebrina F, Buzzetti F, Ivković S, Rašić A, Tvrtković N. First records of Croatian and Serbian Tetrigidae (Orthoptera: Caelifera) with description of a new subspecies of Tetrix transsylvanica (Bazyluk & Kis, 1960). Zootaxa, 3856(3): 419–432.

2015. Skejo J, Rebrina F, Tvrtković N, Gomboc S, Heller K. More than a century old ‘Platycleis Kraussi case’ finally resolved (Tettigoniidae: Platycleidini). Zootaxa, 3990(4): 497–524.

2015. Rebrina F, Skejo J, Lucić A, Hudina S. Trait variability of the signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) in a recently invaded region reflects potential benefits and trade-offs during dispersal. Aquatic invasions, 10(1): 41–50.

2016. Hochkirch A et al. European Red List of Grasshoppers, Crickets and Bush-crickets. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. 94 pp.

2016. Skejo J, Caballero JHS. A hidden pygmy devil from the Philippines: Arulenus miae sp. nov. – a new species serendipitously discovered in an amateur Facebook post (Tetrigidae: Discotettiginae). Zootaxa, 4067(3): 383–393.

2017. Skejo J, Bertner P. No more dust and exoskeletons – in vivo photographic records provide new data on Eufalconius pendleburyi Günther, 1938 (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) from the Titiwangsa Mts. Annales zoologici, 67(4): 665–672.

2017. Tumbrinck  J, Skejo J. Taxonomic and biogeographic revision of the New Guinean genus Ophiotettix Walker, 1871 (Tetrigidae: Metrodorinae: Ophiotettigini trib. nov.), with the descriptions of 33 new species. In: Telnov D, Barclay M, Pauwels O (Eds.) Biodiversity, biogeography and nature conservation in Wallacea and New Guinea (Volume III). Riga, Latvia, The Entomological Society of Latvia, pp. 525–580.

2018. Skejo J, Rebrina F, Szövényi G, Puskás G, Tvrtković N. The first annotated checklist of Croatian crickets and grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Ensifera, Caelifera). Magnolia Press, Auckland, Zootaxa, 4533(1): 1–95.

2018. Muhammad A, Tan MK, Abdullah Nurul Ashikin, Azirun M, Bhaskar D, Skejo J. An annotated catalogue of the pygmy grasshoppers of the tribe Scelimenini Bolívar, 1887 (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) with two new Scelimena species from the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. Magnolia Press, Auckland, Zootaxa, 4485(1): 1–70.

2019. Bhaskar D, Easa P, Sreejith K, Skejo J, Hochkirch A. Large scale burning for a threatened ungulate in a biodiversity hotspot is detrimental for grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Caelifera). Biodiversity and conservation, 28 (12): 3221–3237.

2019. Skejo J, Gupta S, Chandra K, Panhwar W, Franjević D. Oriental macropterous leaf-mimic pygmy grasshoppers—genera Oxyphyllum and Paraphyllum (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) and their taxonomic assignment. Zootaxa, 4590(5): 546–560.

2020. Skejo J, Franjević D. Eukaryotes are a holophyletic group of polyphyletic origin. Frontiers in microbiology, 11(1380): 1–6.

2020. Skejo J, Medak K, Pavlović M, Kitonić D, Miko JC, Franjević D. The story of the Malagasy devils (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae): Holocerus lucifer in the north and H. devriesei sp. nov. in the south?. ZooKeys, 957: 1–15.

2020. Adžić K, Deranja M, Franjević D, Skejo J. Are Scelimeninae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) monophyletic and why it remains a question?. Entomological news, 129 (2):  128–146.

2021. Tria FDK, Brueckner J, Skejo J, Xavier J, Kapust N, Knopp M, Wimmer J, Nagies F, Zimorski V, Gould SB, Garg SG, Martin WF. Gene duplications trace mitochondria to the onset of eukaryote complexity. Genome Biology and Evolution, 13(5): evab055..

2021. Skejo J, Garg SG, Gould SB, Hendriksen M, Tria F, Bremer N, Franjević D, Blackstone NW, Martin WF. Evidence for a syncytial origin of eukaryotes from ancestral state reconstruction. Genome Biology and Evolution, 13(7), evab096.