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doc. dr. sc. Sofia Ana Blažević

Title: Assistant Professor

Public phone number:
+385(0)1 6189 715
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Division of Animal Physiology
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Teaching duties

university undergraduate

university graduate

Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

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List of select publications

  • Hranilovic D., Blazevic S.: Hyperserotonemia in Autism: 5HT-Regulating Proteins. In: Patel V., Preedy V., Martin C. (Ed.) The Comprehensive Guide to Autism. Springer-Verlag. Berlin Heidelberg, 2012, p. 150-161.
  • Blazevic, Sofia; Colic, Lejla; Culig, Luka; Hranilovic, Dubravka. Anxiety-like behavior and cognitive flexibility in adult rats perinatally exposed to increased serotonin concentrations. Behavioural brain research. 230 (2012) 175-181.
  • Hranilovic, Dubravka; Blaževic, Sofia; Ivica, Nedjeljka; Cicin-Šain, Lipa; Oreškovic, Darko. The effects of the perinatal treatment with 5-hydroxytryptophan or tranylcypromine on the peripheral and central serotonin homeostasis in adult rats. Neurochemistry international. 59 (2011) 2; 202-207.
  • Hranilovic, Dubravka; Blaževic, Sofia; Babic, Marina; Šmurinic, Maja; Bujas- Petkovic, Zorana; Jernej, Branimir. 5-HT2A receptor gene polymorphisms in Croatian subjects with autistic disorder. Psychiatry research. 178 (2010) 3; 556-558.
  • Hranilovic D, Bujas-Petkovic Z, Tomicic M, Bordukalo-Niksic T, Blazevic S, Cicin-Sain L. Hyperserotonemia in autism: activity of 5HT-associated platelet proteins. Journal of Neural Transmission. 116 (2009) 493-501.