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Radiation Chemistry

Code: 152851
ECTS: 5.0
Lecturers in charge: dr. sc. Branka Mihaljević
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Lectures 12
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
INTRODUCTION Types of ionizing radiation. The significance of the effects of ionizing radiation in the basic and applied science. Historical overview of the development of radiation chemistry.
THE INTERACTIONS OF IONIZING RADIATION WITH MATTER Radiation energy loss in matter. Particle radiations: neutrons, electrical charged particles: electrons and ions. Electromagnetic radiations. Gradient energy loss (LET). The absorption of radiation energy in the matter. DETECTION AND MEASUREMENT OF RADIATION EFFECTS Detection and measurement of the amount of absorbed energy (radiation dosimetry). Time-resolved techniques for reactive short-lived species detection. PHYSICO-CHEMICAL EFFECTS OF IONIZING RADIATION Spatial and temporal distribution of events in the irradiated material. Structure of traces of ionizing radiation. Formation and chemical reactions of reactive short-lived species: electrons, ions, excited molecules and free radicals.
RADIATION EFFECTS ON WATER AND WATER SOLUTION Primary yields of reactive species in radiolysis of water. The effects of pH and LET. Kinetics in radiation chemistry.
RADIATION EFFECTS ON BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES Biological macromolecules and DNA. Influence of dose, dose rate, the environment, the concentration of oxygen, temperature, LET. Radiation sensitivity. Oxidative stress. RADIATION EFFECTS ON CELLS AND UNICELLULAR ORGANISMS Direct and indirect effects. Targets theory. Molecular theory. APPLIED RADIATION CHEMISTRY Radiation processing and sterilization of medical products, food irradiation, polymer modifications. Industrial radiation sources and facilities. Potential applications of radiation processing currently under research and development. RADIATION EFFECTS ON BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS Dose-effect relationships. Redox processes in Biology and parallels in radiation chemistry. Radical/oxidative stress. Gamma 60Co irradiation facility and radiation laboratory,
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    Članci iz Tehničke enciklopedije Leksikografskog zavoda Miroslav Krleža:
    D. Ražem: Radijacijska kemija, TE 11, 374. D. Ražem: Radijacijska tehnologija, TE 11, 386., M. Turk: Biološko djelovanje nuklearnog zračenja, TE 9, 555.
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