The organisation of our study follows the organisational structure of the Faculty into seven departments of different professions. Currently, nine three-year undergraduate studies (180 ECTS credits), eight five-year integrated undergraduate and graduate university studies (300 ECTS credits), 18 two-year graduate university studies (120 ECTS credits), seven three-year postgraduate university studies (180 ECTS credits), and one two-year postgraduate specialist course (120 ECTS credits) are implemented.

The basis of the programme concept of the Faculty is the Bologna Declaration and the Bologna Process, whereas all of the study programmes are founded on learning outcomes. In accordance with the Statute of the PMF and organisation into seven departments, all of which possess great autonomy in their scientific, teaching, and professional activity, the Faculty does not follow a unique concept in its study programmes. Studies are generally divided into research and teaching. The programme concept is organised at the relevant department, respecting the specificities of the profession. The departments are sometimes linked through the implementation of integrated undergraduate and graduate teacher programmes, conducted through the collaboration of two departments. These are the integrated undergraduate and graduate university teaching studies in Biology and Chemistry, Physics and Informatics, Physics and Chemistry, Geography and History, and Mathematics and Physics. Alongside these, with the collaboration of the departments of Biology, Geography, and Geology, the undergraduate university study and graduate university study programmes in Environmental Sciences are provided.