The Graduate Study of Geology and the Graduate Study of Environmental Geology are two-year studies conducted by the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, at the Department of Geology.

Upon completion of the selected study, 120 ECTS are acquired, and the study ends with the preparation and defense of the Diploma thesis. Upon completion of the graduate study of Geology (geology and paleontology, mineralogy and petrology) or Environmental Geology, competencies are acquired for scientific research in the field of geology and environmental protection, the majority of jobs and tasks of which require a high level of professional knowledge (management and use of natural resources – water, oil, metallic and non-metallic mineral raw materials, management and control of technological processes – cement industry, ceramic industry, synthetic minerals, ...). It also includes the professions of experts who improve and develop theory and methods, apply scientific knowledge, educate in a systematic way, actively participate in fundamental and applied research, nature protection and environmental protection. The acquired expertise is applicable in a wider range of human activities.

Student leader of the graduate study of Geology: Assoc. dr. sc. Đurđica Pezelj

Student leader of the graduate study of Environmental Geology: doc. dr. sc. Hana Fajković


Learning outcomes for the Graduate Study of Geology - click HERE.

Learning outcomes for the Graduate Study of Environmental Geology - click HERE.




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