Study programs

Study programmes at the Department of Geology

Undergraduate studies

Undergraduate, three-year programme in geology provides you with a broad interdisciplinary experience. Besides gaining the knowledge of fundamental geological processes, you also study physical, chemical and biological principles that govern the behaviour of our planet. At the end of each year, the time comes to get out of the classrooms and laboratories and practice the real geology in the field, from Slavonian Mountains to the beautiful karstic landscapes of External Dinarides. After finishing a small research project at the end of the third year and taking the final exam, you get the B.Sc. degree.

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Graduate studies

Graduate, two-year programmes in geology present several specialization opportunities, with majors in the field of geology and palaeontology, mineralogy and petrology or environmental geology. Besides theoretical knowledge, you also gain a strong understanding of field methods and data-collection practices. Graduate programmes encompass a substantial amount of individual work, both in the field and in the laboratory, and aim toward the development of your interpretation skills. After defending your graduate thesis, you get the M.Sc. degree.

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Postgraduate / Doctoral studies

Graduate students that show particular interest in the profession and achieve good results in undergraduate studies, are encouraged to continue their studies and acquire specific knowledge through the postgraduate study program. PhD studies at the Department nourish scientific development in all fields of geology. Additionally, in cooperation with several institutions, Department of Geology hosts the interdisciplinary study in the field of oceanology.

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