Doctoral Study in Oceanology

Doctoral study in oceanology

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Oceanology is a continuation of a successful postgraduate study programme launched in 1971 and delivered since then at the University of Zagreb, jointly organized by the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, Ruđer Bošković Institute (Division for Marine and Environmental Research in Zagreb and Centre for Marine Research in Rovinj), Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Split, and University of Dubrovnik (Institute for Marine and Coastal Research).

 The creator and the long-term head of the study programme in Oceanology was late Prof. Marko Branica, PhD, senior research scientist of the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the nominal professor of the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb. In 2006, the programme evolved into a doctoral programme, coordinated by the Department of Geology of the Faculty of Science. Until now, the programme has been completed by and the degree has been awarded to 43 candidates, while currently there are 25 candidates attending the programme.

From the beginning, the Programme is designed as a research programme, with special attention paid to the supervision and the supervisors. Most holders of PhD in Oceanology/ Marine Science participate in research and/or teaching activities at the institutions cited above, while a minor number of them are employees of the government administration and private sector.

Hidra (HHI), exploration ship for the students of the Doctoral Study in Oceanology (left), and Loligo (right), the first exploration submarine in the world constructed in Rijeka in 1914.