Doctoral Study in Geology

Doctoral study in geology

The Department of Geology at the Faculty of Science of the University of is the leading Croatian institution for education and research in the field of geology. The Doctoral Programme in Geology at the Faculty of Science encompasses the natural science area aimed at gaining competences for contemporary scientific research in geology and as such is unique in Croatia. The Doctoral Programme in Geology covers two basic branches of geology: Geology and Paleontology, and Mineralogy and Petrology. It is a continuation of a long tradition based on the research foundations and the highest level of acquired competences, which began in 1881 by awarding the PhD in Geology at the University of Zagreb to  Mijo Kišpatić. He was also the first to defend PhD. thesis in natural sciences at the University of Zagreb.
The social and economic purposefulness of the Doctoral Programme in Geology is obvious, as geology is a fundamental scientific discipline with a significant potential of commercial use. Geology is of special importance in research and exploitation of energy sources (particularly oil and gas) and other natural materials (stone, sand, clay, ores…), in water and environment management. These aspects are directly related to the national strategic priorities like research and exploitation, environment protection, health, agriculture, education, culture, general knowledge improvement, defense. The knowledge on natural processes and materials is important to every society for its technological development.