Central Library for Physics at Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb is an academic library that collects library materials for physics and other related fields.

Library was established in 1990 by joining three department libraries: Library of Physics Division (founded in 1876), Library of the Division for Theoretical Physics (founded in 1920) and Library of the Division for History, Sociology and Philosophy of Science (founded in 1961). Central Library for Physics has been relocated in 1991 from Marulićev trg to the current location, Bijenička 32.

Library in its fund has about 15,000 book titles and 500 journal titles. Library also has a large number of valuable and old books, as well as a large number of valuable journals. 

Library has received many books donations from Stanko Hondl, Gaja Alaga, Davor Dužević, Zlatko Janković, Olga Verinić, Dubravko Tadić, Mladen Paić, Krešimir Franjić, Kathleen Wilkes and others.