Department of Physics

Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Department of Physics

VAT No - HR28163265527   EORI - HR28163265527    IBAN: HR5823600001101522208


Head of the Department: prof. dr. sc. Hrvoje Buljan
Deputy head of the Department: prof. dr. sc. Miroslav Požek

Head's office

Vlasta Polic
tel: +385 (1) 460 5517

Office for students

Mirjana Matešic, dipl. ing.
Jasminka Miloš
tel: +385 (1) 460 5518

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Science
Department of Physics
Bijenička 32, 
HR-10000 Zagreb

tel: +385 (1) 460 5555
fax: +385 (1) 4680 336



Staff and students:

The current academic staff of the Department consist of about 50 Professors, 35 junior researchers, and 10 Assistants and Lecturers. There are about 650 students enrolled in 6 programmes of the integral undergraduate and graduate study of physics (research physics, educational physics, educational physics and computer science, educational physics and technology, educational physics and chemistry, educational mathematics and physics) and 40 students in the postgraduate doctoral study in physics. Departmental teaching facilities include 2 lecture halls, 4 medium classrooms, library, 2 computer labs, 7 student laboratory (practicum) classrooms, and a dozen of advanced research laboratories.

Central Physics Library

The Central Physics Library was founded in 1990 by merging the libraries of the Department’s divisions, among which the oldest was established in 1876 (the Library of the Physics Division). The library contains over 50000 volumes (books, journals, theses, etc.). Various services are provided to users of the Library, including electronic access to scientific information.


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