Geomorphological and microclimatic research / monitoring of the Crna ledenica pit (Biokovo Nature Park)

Leader prof. dr. sc. Nenad Buzjak

dr. sc. Aurel Perşoiu, Institute of Speleology "Emil Racovita", Cluj Napoca, Rumunjska
Valerija Butorac, mag. geogr.
Željko Marunčić Bospor, Speleološki odsjek PD Imber-Omiš
Nikolina Marić, Speleološki odsjek PD Imber-Omiš
Toni Tursić
Tomislav Brkić, Speleološki klub Samobor

Duration 1.6.2019. do 31.12.2019.


Research includes: preliminary geomorphological (speleomorphological) research, preliminary microclimatic analysis and measurement results of memory thermohygrographs, preparation of a speleological plan of the hall with both entrances important for accumulation of snow and ice in the pit, proposed locations and methods for recording snow levels and continuous snow levels. Assessment of the condition and potential for further research, possible alteration or anthropogenic devastation in the pit. Since the existing draft from 2004 and the amended draft from 2018 correspond to the situation found in the pit in 2019, it was decided to topographically record the profile of the pit from the ice sampling point to the main entrance used by speleologists for research. The profile shows the missing entrance, which is extremely important for the dynamics of accumulation and melting of snow and ice in the pit. In addition to the activities specified in the contract, samples of organic material and ice were taken for dating and isotopic composition analysis.


Perșoiu, A., Buzjak, N., Onaca, A., Pennos, C., Sotiriadis, Y., Ionita, M., Zachariadis, S., Styllas, M., Kosutnik, J., Hegyi, A., Butorac, V. 2020: Unprecedented loss  of  surface  and  cave  ice  in  SE  Europe  related  to record summer rains in 2019. The Cryosphere Discussions, 1-23,