Croatian Geographical Society

The Croatian Geographical Society is a professional association founded in 1897 to promote geography as a profession, subject and science in the Republic of Croatia. The Croatian Geographical Society promotes cooperation between individuals, associations, institutions and creates a place for geography in everyday life.

The history of Croatian Geographical Society dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The founding year is 1897, when at the suggestion of prof. Petar Matković, the Geographical Society was founded in Zagreb. A few years earlier, prof. Matković, the first university professor of geography in Croatia, also founded the Department of Geography, the first official geographical institution in Croatia. At that time, its foundation was extremely important because it provided higher education in Croatian and paved the way for scientific geographical research in Croatia. Two years after its foundation, the Geographical Society joined the Croatian Natural Science Society as an independent section.

After the First World War, the activities of the Society were discontinued. It was revived in 1929 by Prof. Artur Gavazzi and also initiated the publication of Croatian Geographical Bulletin. Another interruption in the work of the Society was caused by difficult historical circumstances during World War II.

In the post-war period, with the efforts of prof. Josip Roglić and prof. Ivan Rubić, the Society was renewed in 1947 under the name Geographical Society of Zagreb. In 1950 the Society changed its name to Croatian Geographical Society, and in 1982 it became the Association Geographical Societies of Croatia. God. In 1991, the society was transformed into Croatian Geographical Society, while maintaining the work by branches. Since 2003, the Society has been operating as an association of professional associations.

Croatian Geomorphological Society

The Croatian Geomorphological Society is a voluntary professional association that brings together geomorphologists (geographers, geologists and all other persons interested in geomorphology). The aim and purpose of the Society's activity is to promote the interests of geomorphologists and geomorphology as a geoscientific discipline in the Republic of Croatia. The Society also actively works on the development and recognition of geomorphology, the connection of geomorphological experts, the dissemination of geomorphological knowledge and the popularization of geomorphology.

Some of the activities within the Society include proffesional field work, public forums and lectures, the organization of scientific councils and round tables, the implementation of scientific, professional and educational projects and many other diverse activities.

Croatian Geomorphological Society and an active member of the International Geomorphology Association.

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