Doctoral study in geography: space, region, environment, landscape

The Doctoral study in geography: space, region, environment, landscape is the only doctoral study in Croatia performed in the Interdisciplinary sciences; scientific field of geography. It is open for all – fundamental and applied research in geography.

Doctoral study requires considerable investment in time and energy. It will significantly affect the professional and private life of the future doctoral student in a way that research and writing a thesis will be his/her main priorities.

Thus, before the decision future doctoral students must be aware of their expectations and have already a clear idea of their research which makes the very core of the doctoral study.

These pages offer all basic information about the programme and the structure of the doctoral study,  the professors, supervisors and their field of research that can be helpful in Your choice and decision about the research within the study.

While considering the application it is necessary to:

  1. Get well informed about the programme and the structure of the study and to choose the research area.
    The programme is structured as open modular system(5 modules). Each module consists of 1-2 elective courses: Research Methodology.
  2. Contact the professor/potential supervisor who carries on these investigations, according to Your desired (chosen) research.
    You can search for the potential supervisors and their expertise by the list of professors at every elective course of Methodology of research within study Modules. Their names are active links to the Croatian bibliography and the list of research projects.
  3. Discuss the desired research with the potential supervisor and get his/her approval and acceptance of mentorship
  4. Before applying for enrolment it is necessary to acquire the approval and acceptance of potential supervisor and to be able to write a project proposal (see the prerequisites and requirements of the Application for enrollment).


Call for applications for enrolment in postgraduate university studies for academic year 2023/2024