Structure of the programme

There shall be one joint subject in the structure of the study programme for all doctoral students that develops generic and transfer skills (Scientific Work), while the remaining content shall be structured modularly. The second required subject shall be Research Methodology, which shall be linked with the corresponding module. Each module shall contain one or two different subjects in Research Methodology, and the student, depending on the research theme, shall enrol in the corresponding module and subject of Research Methodology, which has 8 different ones, classified by themes in the 5 modules mentioned. Apart from these two required subjects, the student shall enrol in three elective subjects during the first and second year from other constituent parts of Zagreb University or other universities, which it shall be possible to substitute with corresponding workshops conducted by visiting lecturers or by way of student mobility, as advised, guided and approved by the supervisor/mentor, depending on the justifiability of its connection with the research theme. The student’s other activities and obligations during study shall develop independent research work and presentational and communications skills, through the obligation to publish papers and to participate in conferences with oral reporting and poster presentations. During the second year, the student shall be required to publish or have accepted for publication a scientific review paper in a journal that is reviewed internationally, upon which he/she shall have worked during the first year of study (a review of literature on the research). From the third year to the end of study, the student shall be required to publish a scientific paper with research results in a journal (Web of Science), and to present the results at an international conference, all with the objective of stimulating research excellence in both the doctoral papers and/or the Doctors of Science.