Geospeleological evaluation of Plitvice Lakes National Park

Leader Associate prof. dr. sc. Neven Bočić

Valerija Butorac, mag. geog.

Neven Šuica, SK Ursus Spelaeus

Duration 1/2020 - 1/2023


The aim of this research is to enable better management of the speleological objects of Plitvice Lakes National Park, based on the knowledge of their geospeleological values. The tasks carried out within this project are:

  • Detailed geospeleological inventory of at least 15 speleological objects
  • Morphometric, geological, geomorphological and specific speleological fieldwork
  • Isolation of speleological objects with the most valuable features
  • Geospeleological inventory of the selected most valuable objects
  • Creation of a database of the inventoried elements (structural elements, sigmas, speleogens, mesomorphological elements, water bodies, sediments, etc.)
  • Statistical processing of the data obtained, zoning and definition of special values of each zone
  • Preparation of cartographic representations of the inventoried geospeleological elements for evaluated speleological objects
  • Elaboration of recommendations for the management of the evaluated speleological objects