Hydromorphological study of the Plitvica Stream


assistant prof. dr. sc. Ivan Čanjevac


prof. dr. sc. Danijel Orešić
associate prof. dr. sc. Neven Bočić
Ivan Martinić, mag. geogr. (PhD candidate)
dr. sc. Ivan Vučković, Elektroprojekt d.d.
Mladen Plantak, mag. geogr. i mag. educ. geogr. (PhD candidate), Elektroprojekt d.d.
associate prof. dr. sc. Antun Alegro, BO PMF
Anja Rimac, mag. biol. exp. (PhD candidate)

Duration 2019 - 2021


The goals of the project are:

1. Collect data on the natural geographical features of the topographic basin of the Plitvice stream.
2. Determine the elements of the streams and river basins.
3. Analyze the available hydrological data and cross-sections of hydrological monitoring stations in the Plitvice stream basin.
4. Describe the hydromorphological genesis of the system.
5. Determine the hydromorphological status of the Plitvice stream and the possible deviation from the reference status according to individual elements determined by the methodology of monitoring and assessment of hydromorphological indicators in accordance with the Regulation on Water Quality Standard (OG 73/13; OG 151/14; OG 78/15).
6. Determine the pressures on the hydromorphological status and the overall ecological status of the Plitvice stream.
7. Make a projection of the hydromorphological evolution of the Plitvice stream (without interventions / with interventions).
8. Propose guidelines for the improvement of the hydromorphological condition and possible rehabilitation of the Plitvice stream.
9. Through joint field work, training of the staff of the specialized service of the Plitvice Lakes National Park on the methodology.