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prof. dr. sc. Sanja Faivre

Title: Full Professor
Location: 325
Public phone number:01/4895 422
E-mail: E-mail
Department: GEOG - Division of Physical Geography
Graduation year:1991
mr.sc. graduation year:1994
PhD graduation year:1999
Employed in this institution since:1991




integrated undergraduate and graduate



Sanja Faivre was born in 1967 in Rijeka, where she completed primary and secondary school. In 1991, she graduated from the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, where she also enrolled into the graduate study programme. That same year, she became a junior researcher at the Department. She received her Master’s degree in 1994 with the dissertation “Structural-geomorphological properties of Northern Velebit and Senjsko Bilo”, which was proclaimed the best Master’s dissertation in the natural sciences in that year by the journal Priroda. In 1994/95 she was awarded a scholarship from the French government, and enrolled in a one-year postgraduate study programme at the University Blaise Pascal, Clermont II, in the geography department. In 1995, she defended her final paper and received the Diplôme d'études approfondies (DEA). In 1995, she received a scholarship from the French government to do her doctoral dissertation en co-tutelle (under joint supervision at two universities): her supervisor at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb was Professor Andrija Bognar, while her supervisory at the Université Blaise-Pascal was Professor Yannik Lageat. In 1999, she defended her dissertation entitled “Landforms and tectonics of the Velebit mountain range (External Dinarides, Croatia)” and received a doctorate from both universities. In 1999, she took a post-doctoral position at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. On 12 December 2002, she was appointed assistant professor, on 18 December 2007 as an associate professor, and on 15 January 2013 as a full professor. In 2018, she was granted tenure. At the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, she teaches the courses Geomorphology, Geography of Latin America, and the E-school of geography (undergraduate and graduate study programmes), and Structural geomorphological research in karst (doctoral study programme; 2009 – 2015).

In the new Doctoral study of Geography: Space, Regions, Environment and Landscape, she has been co-teaching the course Research methodologies 1, module – Environmental studies since 2015. Sanja Faivre’s research interests are karst geomorphology, glaciokarst (morphological traces of the Pleistocene glaciations), structural geomorphology, and coastal geomorphology, particularly aspects concerning the changing sea levels and climate change in the Late Holocene. 

To date, she has published 64 scientific papers, of which 38 are indexed in the SCOPUS database. She has published seven papers in books, of which one was a Springer Verlag publication and two were publications of the Ausonious Mémoires in Bordeaux. The overall citations of her papers is WOS=429 (h-index12); SCOPUS=550 (h-index 14) (data as of 6 February 2022).

To date, she has led two scientific projects (both for the Ministry of Science and Education), nine University of Zagreb grants, and three other grants for scientific research (from Croatian Waters and the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts), and she has cooperated on six international and four Croatian projects (three- Ministry of Science and Education, one- Croatian Science Foundation). Since 2020, she has been the leader on a Croatian Science Foundation project entitled "Relative sea-level change and climate change along the eastern Adriatic coast". She has participated in over 75 scientific conferences (with 90 published abstracts), mostly international. She has held several invited lectures at international conferences and at foreign universities.

She has held a number of functions at the Department of Geography, from Assistant Department Head for finance, to Head of the Division of Physical Geography for two mandates, Assistant Department Head for science and international cooperation since 2015, Head of the programme Physical Geography and Geoecology from 2008 – 2018. She was President of the Croatian Geomorphological Society from 2011 – 2015, and since 2019 has served as Vice-Chair of the Doctoral study of Geography: Space, Region, Environment, Landscape.

Since 2014, she has been a member of the Executive Committee of the National Board of INQUA, the International Union for Quaternary Research, which operates within the natural science section of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts. She is also a member of the Karst Board established in the Croatian Academy.
From 2009 – 2013, she was a member of the Scientific field committee in the natural sciences, area of geosciences, and a member of the Natural Sciences Council, University of Zagreb from 2009 – 2013 and again from 2017 – present.

From 2009 – 2013 she was Vice-chair of the Geoarcheology Working Group of the International Geomorphology Union (IGU). Since 2017, she has been Co-chair of the Geomorphology and Society Working Group (IAG and IGU). Since 2019, she has been a member of the Advisory Board on INQUA for the Committee on Coastal and Marine Processes (https://www.inqua.org/commissions/cmp/people).

She has served as a peer reviewer on numerous scientific projects and for many scientific journals (more than 50 papers to date), including: Earth-Science Reviews, Geomorphology, Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN), Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Marine Geology, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Quaternary International, Journal of Geodynamics, Radiocarbon, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Géomorphologie: relief, processus, environnement, Geoarchaeology: An International Journal, Hrvatski geografski glasnik, Geoadria, Acta Geographica Croatica, Geologia Croatica, Acta Geographica Slovenica, Acta Carsologica, Senjski zbornik, Zbornik radova Geografskog Instituta Jovan Cvijić SANU.

Additionally, from 2006 to 2015, she was Editor-in-chief of the journal Hrvatski Geografski Glasnik. In 2011, she was a guest editor for the CC-indexed journal Quaternary International, and edited an issue entitled “Tectonic contributions to relative sea level change”.

She is a member of the editorial board of the scientific journals Geografski Vesnik (Slovenia), Méditerrané (France), Acta Geobalcanica (North Macedonia), International Journal of Earth & Environment Sciences, Modern Geográfia (Hungary) and the Croatian journals Hrvatski Ggeografski Glasnik, Geologia Croatica, Senjski Zbornik and Geoadria.

In 2014, she won the Federic Grisogono science award from the Croatian Geographical Society in Zadar, and in 2020, the science award from the Croatian Geographical Society in Zagreb. In 2022 she obtained the science award from the Faculty of Science (Zagreb).

In 2022, she received the Annual Mentorship award assigned by the Doctoral Study Council of the Geography Department of the Faculty of Science.

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