Professor Eduard Marušić-Paloka, PhD,...

University of Zagreb "Andrija Mohorovičić" Award has been established in 2011. and is being awarded to individuals in Croatia and abroad for scientific accomplishments, promotion of scientific discipline and profession, for transfer of knowledge and upbringing of young experts in natural sciences. 


Award Comitee has given Conclusion and recommendation on September 17, 2021, that states:

Professor Eduard Marušić-Paloka, PhD, full professor tenure at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, is an exeptional scientist. He has achieved impressive scientific achievements in field of mathematics, especially in mathematical modelling in fluid mechanics with special emphasis on rigorous justification of empirical models. He was recognized as promotor of applied mathematics. As lecturer on many courses at every level of higher education he successfuly contributed in knowledge transfer and upbringing of young experts. Also, he performed many responsible functions at Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb and  national scientific institutions.


We congratulate professor Eduard Marušić-Paloka for this exceptional achievement.

Author: Božidar Tartaro
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