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Meeting with vine producers and vine...

After one year of project activities, at the Institute of agriculture and tourism in Poreč, 26 April 2018 was organized an meeting with vine producers and vine growers who are voluntary participating in hail data acquisition around Istrian county. Goal of meeting was to inform participants on results obtained in first year of project and to advert plans for following year using two presentations and discussion afterward.

Author: Antun Marki
Routine tour of hail gauge locations...

Entering to the new vegetation season, an routine check was made to verify state of hail gauges stations around Istrian county and also to prepare them for new season of measurements (redeployment and fixing of hail gauges and substitution of hail pads). That way cold season data ware acquired to estimate contributions oh hail from that period. Its interesting to say that all station measured some type of hail event, however most of those events ware of weak intensity with few exceptions of very strong hail.

Author: Antun Marki

The International Society of Biometeorology organized the 21st International Congress of Biometeorology that was held at Durham University in the UK from 4 to 7 September 2017.

Author: Antun Marki

As a part of the VITCLIC project on wine growing and winemaking experimental field at the Faculty of Agriculture in Jazbina, research on ampelotechnical procedures of grapevine is being carried out with the aim of adapting them to the observed climate change.

Author: Antun Marki

An economic profile of wine growing and winemaking in Croatia was prepared. The paper contains basic economic indicators for the activities of agriculture, forestry and fisheries at the national and county level. In order to obtain a more detailed picture of viticulture and grape growing, the activity of grape growing and grape wine production is analyzed, with the following data: employment, average monthly gross earning per employee, and business activities of leading grape and wine producers in Croatia (total revenues, profits, profitability, and other data available from the Business Croatia database). In addition to the economic indicators, both the national and the NUTS-2 (continental and Adriatic Croatia) and NUTS-3 level (counties) have been analyzed in Croatia. At the same time, a structured and working version of the questionnaire for assessing damage to elemental disasters.

Author: Antun Marki
GIS (Geographic Information System)...

In the period from July 10-12, 2017 at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, an informatics course was held for the VITCLIC project associates.

Author: Antun Marki
DriDanube - Drought Risks in the...

The first national presentation of the international EU project "DriDanube - Drowning Risks in the Danube Region" and workshop was held on Friday, 2 June 2017 at the House of Europe, Augusta Cesarca 4, Zagreb, organized by the Meteorological and Hydrological Service of the Republic of Croatia, the main project partner from Croatia.

Author: Antun Marki

On 31 May 2017 at 13:15 the VITCLIC Project was presented at the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science. The lecturers were Maja Telišman Prtenjak (Project leader), Silvio Šimon, PhD and the other VITCLIC associates (Faculty of Sience, University of Zagreb & HCPHS). The lecture was attended by about 50 interested geophysicists and agronomists.

Presentation can be seen here (in Croatian).



Author: Antun Marki

As part of the VITLIC Project, a hailmeter survey were set up in Istarska County. In addition to the previous analysis of the available lightning data, two field trips were realized (22-24 May 2017 and 5-6 June 2017). Thereby 53 hailmeters financed by the VITCLIC Project (pink) and 13 more by the Hydrological and Meteorological Service of Croatia (blue) were set up in Istria at selected meteorological stations.

Author: Antun Marki
Setting up meteorological instruments...


As part of the VITCLIC Project micro-meteorological measurements were established at the Research Institute of the Faculty of Agriculture in Jazbina (rural part of Zagreb). The VITCLIC meteorological system measures wind at 2 levels (4 and 10 m), and further temperature, relative humidity and radiation in the first 0.8 m above the surface.

Author: Antun Marki

On Monday, April 10, 2017, starting at 10 am, kick-off meeting was held at the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, bringing together associates from 5 different institutions. The meeting was attended by Maja Telišman Prtenjak, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Project Leader.

Author: Antun Marki


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