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The observatory is located in the area of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park (central northern part of Croatia), 65 km SE of Zagreb. From 2012 the geomagnetic field intensity and directions are continously recorded at the observatory. Digital data are produced by vector magnetometers: DIDD (Gem systems, Canada), LEMI-018 and LEMI-035 (Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research, Ukrain). Weekly absolute observations are performed with the Declination-Inclination magnetometer (MinGeo, Hungary) and GSM-19 magnetometer (Gem Systems, Canada). These absolute observations are used for calibration of continuously recording vector magnetometers.

The geomagnetic observatory is part of the INTERMAGNET and EMMA networks. Continuous data exchange is carried out in cooperation with BCMT (France) and EPSS (Hungary).

Observatory coordinates:

Geographical latitude:    45.41° N                    Geomagnetic latitude (IGRF13):    44.55° N
Geographical longitude: 16.66° N                    Geomagnetic longitude (IGRF13): 98.72° E
Altitude: 95 m

Observatory contact:

Igor Mandic (e-mail: mandici[at], tel: +385 1 460 5936)
Dino Curman (e-mail: dino.curman[at], tel: +385 1 460 5937)
Universty of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Dpt. of Geophysics
Horvatovac 95, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Latest DIDD data

Click here  to view diagrams in a new window. Recent data are available under the INTERMAGNET program. (Magnetograms from the backup system LEMI-035 are available here.)

Local geomagnetic activity K indices and geomagnetic field variations (today and the latest 10 days)

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 Long term geomagnetic field

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