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Meeting with vine producers and vine...

After one year of project activities, at the Institute of agriculture and tourism in Poreč, 26 April 2018 was organized an meeting with vine producers and vine growers who are voluntary participating in hail data acquisition around Istrian county. Goal of meeting was to inform participants on results obtained in first year of project and to advert plans for following year using two presentations and discussion afterward.

Presentations included spacial and temporal characteristic of hail in Istrian county based on 60 years of ground measurements, extreme weather conditions in last decade, Agra-climatological characteristic of region an following trends. On the other hand, research group from economical institute is Zagreb talked about various economical aspects of vine production in Croatia, institutional and legal frames and insurance and risks. During discussion, audience underlined issues with extreme weather (hail, strong winds, freezing…) and current ways of dealing with it. Also, they discussed about current experience with insurance companies and inadequate package offers.


Author: Antun Marki
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