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May in Istria marked with strong hail

Only 40 days after routine check of hail pad network, number of hail records rouse above 20. In period from 04. to 08.06. we gathered, replaced and resupplied hail pads on all locations and did questionnaire with vine grower and producers made by Economical Institute of Zagreb. Regarding hail, part of vine growers suffered major damage while others ware bit more lucky suffering only minor damage and only few could say that there was no hail to report.

At some locations aside from plat damage one could notice marks of hail on the nowadays very dry soil. While on terrain hailstorms ware moving all over Istria destroying vineyards and other soft plants. Our measured record of hail size was on 05.05.2018 at official weather station in Sveti Patar u Šumi. Green hail pad is attached as figure followed by brand new plastic chairs pierced by hail and leftovers of house vine. Somewhat smaller in size but very dense hail was recorded at Northern part of Istria where we found marking on dry soil.




Author: Antun Marki
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