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From 3 - 7 September 2018, 4 VITCLIC members participated on European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2018 (EMS 2018) in Budapest and presented their work trough 4 oral presentations and 2 posters. Presented topics covered wide spectra of meteorological and agro-meteorological topics covering extreme weather, winds along Croatian coast, agroclimatic indices and micro-meteorological measurements in agriculture.

List of topics:


- Hail climatology and lightning jump climatology along northeastern Adriatic region with accompanying weather types

- The relationship between wind and pressure fields over the broader Adriatic Region in CORDEX Climate Change Scenarios

- Analyses of agroclimatic indices applied to Croatian grapevine growing regions in the present climate

- Agroclimatic characteristics in the future climate over the Croatian Territory


- A new Micrometeorological Research Facility at the Faculty of Agriculture Experimental Vineyard in Zagreb

- New perspectives and applications of lightning jump

Author: Antun Marki
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